Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcome to the Witchcraft Labs Blog!

Welcome to the blog of Witchcraft Labs! We are a start-up, based on Helsinki, Finland, and we are the developers of Comicked the comic reading app!
We have just made a worldwide release of Comicked on the iPad. If you have not yet got the app, you have no idea what you have missed, so go and get it now from the App Store. And if you don't have an iPad, then stay tuned, as we are already working on other platforms!

To celebrate the global launch, we decided to create this blog. Its primary goal is to keep you informed about Comicked. We would also like to use this blog as a channel to share our thoughts about comics, entrepreneurship and technology. If you feel your attention span requires shorter posts, then you can also follow us on TwitterFacebook or Google+

What is that thing and why does it exists?

We are already working on another post that will give you a better insight about what is Comicked and how it will turn a new page on both comic reading and publishing. Meanwhile, go and try it yourself or visit the website!

Who are those guys?

We are three engineers who love webcomics. One of us have even held a pen, but in order to protect the eyes and mental health of our readers, you will not see those works. Instead, you will see a great collection of absolutely awesome comics from real comic artists! We will give more honor to those great guys in our following posts, but now, let me introduce our team.

Otto Nyberg, CEO

Otto is the business mind and strategist behind Witchcraft Labs. He possesses a level of persistence and dedication reserved only for the few.

Antti Maula, CTO and The Architect

Antti is a brilliant software engineer. He makes sure that our back-end systems are performing as expected, and does not fear using any kind of magic needed to get the job done.

Kimmo Kiiski, Usability Wizard

Kimmo provides the strongest magic in the company. Kimmo is in charge of the front-end. His creations for usability and visual layout are far beyond "innovative"; it is like a logical extension of hard-wired human nature.

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